Good Vibes with VIVE

Takeaways and Predictions: Our Guests Share their Insights!

December 30, 2021 Pearly Chen Season 1 Episode 10
Good Vibes with VIVE
Takeaways and Predictions: Our Guests Share their Insights!
Show Notes

A warm welcome back to another episode of Good Vibes with Vive! Today we're bringing you something a little different: in honor of the closing of 2021 and the final episode of this season, this installment is dedicated to the nine incredible guests who have previously shared their expertise and wisdom with us. We asked each of them to share their professional and personal takeaways for 2021 and how they predict VR will make an impact on society in 2022! 

Key Points From This Episode: 

  • Hear how Inga Petryaevskaya, founder and CEO of Tvori, sees VR blooming in productivity and daily activity spaces. 
  • Dr. Ramses Alcaide of Neurable comments on empathy and harnessing brain signals to interact with the digital world.  
  • Gabriel Jones, co-founder and CEO of Proprio Vision, shares the exciting ways VR will be adopted more into the healthcare sector.  
  • Erica Woolsey, CEO and founder of Hydrous, dives into increasing accessibility and lowering barriers to entry.  
  • What Kyle Jackson, CEO and founder of Tailspin's key learnings are; coming from a people-first perspective. 
  • Hear CEO and founder of Prisms of Reality, Anurupa Ganguly's hugely positive results in reimagined math education through VR. 
  • Hear from Keita Funakawa, co-founder and COO of Nanome, about how AR technology will soon give society what it wants. 
  • Some big predictions from Jonathon Gagne of Masterpiece Studio about demand, content, and acceleration.
  • Chris Brickler, CEO and co-founder of MyndVR, shares exciting insights of a future with continuous advancements in VR. 

“You're going to see that the metaverse isn't just about living in this virtual game, it's about, how do we digitally connect with one another better? How do we connect with them in a three-dimensional way that feels more natural, and allows us to connect?” — @BrinxSoftware   [0:40:31] 

“As I reflect on 2021, I think a lot about adaptability and how it's so important to not only accept limitations, but embrace them, and even celebrate them. Because those limitations are incredible inspiration for innovation.” — @ErikaWoolseyPhD  [0:17:35]

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