Good Vibes with VIVE

Emissive's Immersive Expeditions Bring Cultural Heritage to Life

May 26, 2022 Pearly Chen
Good Vibes with VIVE
Emissive's Immersive Expeditions Bring Cultural Heritage to Life
Show Notes

Season 2 Episode 15 Show Notes

 For so many, the world of VR feels completely foreign, but Fabien Barati of Emissive has made it his mission to make such experiences more accessible to the public. Through his work with Immersive Expeditions, he is creating free roam experiences with a profoundly emotional link to historical and cultural icons. Fabien joins us to discuss the various projects he’s involved in, from The Enemy - the VR experience bringing you face-to-face with combatants from three different conflict zones - to Scan Pyramids, and, of course, the Eternal Notre Dame experience. In this episode, we discover the thought and design process of Immersive Expeditions, what makes it unique, and the emotional connection it evokes. We learn about the Mona Lisa VR experience as well as some exciting upcoming Immersive Expeditions projects! Tune in for this insightful closed-door conversation to discover the secrets behind the mysterious universe of virtual reality experiences.

 Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing Fabien Barati, CEO of Emissive.
  • The vision to create virtual cultural experiences for a large number of people.
  • Fabien explains The Enemy VR experience and Scan Pyramids VR.
  • What led to the creation and definition of the Immersive Expeditions format.
  • The technical innovation enabling Fabien to expand the scope of the tour.
  • Why the VR tours are 45 minutes in length and how much tickets cost.
  • The process of creating the Eternal Notre Dame experience.
  • The objective to create a perfect digital clone of Notre Dame while raising revenue for the reconstruction of the cathedral.
  • The process from ideation to design of the Mona Lisa VR experience.
  • The emotional link created by Immersive Expeditions.
  •  Fabien fills us in on the upcoming Immersive Expeditions project, The Horizon of Khufu.
  • The process of finding suitable working partnerships.
  • The translation of Immersive Expeditions in a home-based environment.
  • Fabien’s ultimate goal for Emissive.


“We wanted to define a new format that is multi-user, a really social experience, free-roaming, everything of course, in virtual reality.” — @Fab3DVR [0:05:43]

“[Immersive Expeditions] is a whole new way to discover our cultural heritage, our scientific, our natural heritage in the form of a 45-minute adventure.” — @Fab3DVR [0:10:04]

“What makes the Immersive Expeditions unique is the flow of visitors.” — @Fab3DVR [0:11:01]

“One of the objectives was really to get a perfect digital clone of Notre Dame … The other part was to be able to provide the revenue for the reconstruction of the cathedral.” — @Fab3DVR [0:18:24]

“What we're trying to do at the moment is trying to create a new standard for control entertainment.” — @Fab3DVR [0:27:00]

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